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The Tuneables Curriculam Is Based on Latest Research | The Tuneables

The Tuneables curriculum is based on the latest research findings and best practices in music learning, early childhood education, and brain development.

Our substantive music program for young children is a focused, mastery-oriented approach following specific and sequenced learning objectives. It is designed to build a comprehensive and in–depth understanding of music that is a foundation for advanced music study that includes:

  • A progressive understanding of musical tonality and rhythm acquired through a sequenced musical vocabulary of tonal and rhythm patterns;
  • Aural discrimination skills advanced by researched, pattern-naming systems of tonal and rhythmic syllables and by pattern-recognition strategies involving imitation, short-and long-term recall, and improvisation;
  • Specially designed and tested listening, singing, and movement lessons that include rigorous and measurable standards of performance accuracy.
  • Exposure to selected repertoire of classical children’s songs and musical masterworks that are integrated with other curriculum learning objectives.

The program is designed to fit the interests and cognitive and physical abilities of preschool children, employing learning sequences and teaching techniques developed from years of practical instruction.