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The Tuneables Classroom Edition Is A Comprehensive Guide For Teachers

  • Classroom Series
  • An easy and effect way for teachers to bring real skill-based music learning into the classroom. All your tools are right at your finger tips with The Teacher Edition.

  • Video Series
  • Give your child the advantages of early music development with The Tuneables interactive and engaging video series.

  • Audio Series
  • Your little one will love these beautifully orchestrated compilations of original songs and children's classics that support the curriculum in the video series.

  • Book Series
  • Your favorite Tuneables characters bring the sounds of the orchestra to life through the imaginary world of Tuneville!

Classroom Series

The Tuneables Teacher Edition takes the award-winning programming of The Tuneables and expands these resources for educators to provide a comprehensive music curriculum in the classroom. Whether or not you are a music teacher, the easy-to-follow and detailed materials along with the audio and video references make The Teacher Edition a complete program of learning in the classroom.

Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st Grade

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The Tuneables: "I Love Music" Teacher Edition

The Tuneables: "I Love Music" Teacher Edition

Bring a skill-based early music learning program to your classroom.

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