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Fantastic Animation Brings Instruments To Life For Kids | Music Education DVD

  • Video Series
  • Give your child the advantages of early music development with The Tuneables interactive and engaging video series.

  • Audio Series
  • Your little one will love these beautifully orchestrated compilations of original songs and children's classics that support the curriculum in the video series.

  • Book Series
  • Your favorite Tuneables characters bring the sounds of the orchestra to life through the imaginary world of Tuneville!

  • Classroom Series
  • An easy and effect way for teachers to bring real skill-based music learning into the classroom. All your tools are right at your finger tips with The Teacher Edition.

Video Series

In the musical world of Tuneville, fascinating instrument-inspired characters called The Tuneables engage young children in songs and activities that teach the foundational skills of music.

This award-winning, first-of-its kind program actively engages children in learning, developing musical skills, and providing for cognitive growth and musical understanding. The Tuneables takes early music learning well past the casual playtime music experiences to a substantive music curriculum that is critical to a child’s development.
Ages: 2-6

Formats Available:
DVD (with two disk set), Digital

Available Videos

The Tuneables: "I Love Music!" 2-disk set

The Tuneables: "I Love Music!" 2-disk set

Video and Audio CD

Give your kids a head start in music with this award-winning program.

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