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The Tuneables: "I Love Music!" 2-disk set

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This “must-have” award-winning program for young children develops the fundamental skills of music understanding that is the basis for future music learning and appreciation. Through the imaginative world of Tuneville, fun, instrument inspired characters encourage children to participate in songs and activities that provide rhythm, tonal, and voice development in a carefully sequenced approach.

We have included “The Music Box: I love Music!”, the companion CD to the DVD that reinforces the curriculum in the DVD and helps build on the child’s exposure to classic children’s music and important music masterworks. Used together, this program provides a comprehensive approach to music learning.



DVD Information:
Approximate Run Time: 30 minutes
Language: English
Not available for international shipment.

Download Information:
Standard Definition: 480p, MP4, File Size: 663MB, Includes IPod/IPhone version.
High Definition (HD): 720p, MP4, File Size: 1.24G, Includes Apple TV version and IPod/IPhone version.




In The Tuneables’ first video, “I Love Music!”, children:

1. Move to the beat in music,
2. Hear and sing tonal patterns in songs using the tones, “Do, Mi, and Sol”,
3. Improve the sound and expand the range of their singing voices,
4. Immerse in the sounds and melodies of classical music.


gsl8911 | A Must Have for Kids
from Amazon (Posted on 4/22/13)
I bought this for my grandson who is 2 because I was previously a music teacher and love anything that will provide a bit of a music education for children. It is such a hit that I am telling you, you MUST get this for your children. My grandson wants to watch it everyday and can now do all the rhythms and also sing most of the songs in relation to the video. He always takes anyone he can find into he video room and says he wants "Tunables". Everyday, it is by far his favorite CD that I have purchased. I hope they do more of these because not only are they educational as far as music is concerned, the animation is vivid and the characters are so cute and entertaining that every child would love it. Buy it now. Your kids will thank you and you will keep them entertained and educated for at least 30 minutes a day.

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Parents Choice Gold Award

Creative Child Magazine DVD of the Year

Dr. Toy Best Products

Dr. Toy Top 10 Audio/Visual Products



"This DVD fills a hole in early childhood education that desperately needs to be filled with quality teaching of simple music concepts."  

Tammis D. Music Teacher

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